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HDD to SSD migration and capacity?
And I should have mentioned that the SamsungT5 was a portable... Answers saying that I can safely fill it to the brim are just what I was hoping for! Thanks again...  
HDD to SSD migration and capacity?
The application is for a Bluesound Node (latest) storage and not for a PC. Thanks!  
SPL meter results relative to Magnepan's (supposed?) craving for power/current
Thanks for the help!To answer your questions, I don’t know the frequency range of my meter. But it was inexpensive.and the maggies are about 9 ft away..        and thanks, MC! It explains a lot knowing that was logarithmic  
Can finding my Maggies "sweet spot" contribute to increased resolution?
I'm going to answer my own question, for posterity's sake, or in an attempt to revive this topic...After several months of dedicated listening in sheer bliss (thanks Covid!), I've concluded that...... YES, it's definitely NOT my imagination.... 
My SPL meter shows ambient/background noise of about 41.x dB. Is that average, hi or low?
Thanks!If yours is 29.9 compared to my 41.x then either your room is VERY quiet, of my meter is a piece of junk.Probably it's both... 
What would you say is THE MOST important factor to good imaging?
Exactly. I traded imaging for the best bass response EVER (from a Maggie). 
tube rolling with Schiit Freya +
No help here, sorry, as I probably intend to buy the Freya+ soon. But I have a question for you, or anyone else...Have you had the Freya+ long enough for the "run in"? SA customer service says that they run in the unit for 48 hrs before they ship ... 
Auralic Altair and Wyred4Sound DAC 2 DCD question, please
Thanks! I appreciate it!Anyone else with an opinion as to which DAC is better? 
Front End Suggestions Streaming
I use a lowly Netgear NeoTV 550 (now discontinued)with GREAT results with its Toslink out to a Wyred4Sound DAC 2 and its HDMI out to my TV (does anyone know of a high end music player with HDMI out?) with its remote control over streaming Hi-Res a... 
Please help me find the right digital player
@Gz3027 - Yes, the Oppo would play my digital files to my 2 channel system, with remote control music library management output to a TV, just as I would want. But unfortunately I don't want to pay for the Oppo's BR drive along with all of its vide... 
Please help me find the right digital player
Thanks so far! I really appreciate it...But for clarification, I am looking for a file player, not a disc player like the Sony or Oppo.Any other ideas? 
Digital volume control question...
Thanks for your answers so far - they are all helpful!More comments... ?Michael 
A DAC into a DAC?
Thanks for your responses so far!The Pre-pro is an Onkyo PR-SC885, and I assume it's of pretty good quality with those Burr-Brown's.As for the outboard DAC, I am hoping to A/B several, and I haven't bought one yet. But the Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 is at... 
Magnepan Ribbons and Hearing Loss
Thanks all!The consensus is that I probably CAN hear the Maggie ribbon. That is exactly what I wanted to hear, (no pun intended).The Maggie is the best speaker that I have ever heard, and even with my hearing loss, I derive immense pleasure from t... 
Your advice/thoughts concerning my digital source
Thanks for the feedback!