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What have you been working on in 2020?
I am playing with multichannel + Roon. Erik, can a Pi endpoint do multichannel USB output? 
Audirvana vs Roon
I once noticed that Roon clearly sounded different than LMS. Turned out it was a different implementation of replaygain. 🙃 
Which Int. Amp with passive ATC SCM40
I have the SCM40s with a pair of Benchmark AHB2s. I’m happy.  
Streamers from miniDSP with built in room correction!
LMS is hard to beat, and piCorePlayer is very nice. I have Roon but it annoys me.The SHD Studio comes with Volumio but I turned it off. miniDPS support can feel a little haphazard but they seem to be well meaning. I had to ask for the user name /p... 
Streamers from miniDSP with built in room correction!
I’m pretty happy with the SHD Studio. It has replaced a Logitech Touch. It runs squeezelite, and I stream to it using LMS or Roon. It applies Dirac corrections and outputs to my dac.  
Speakers for a small room
Have you downloaded REW (Room EQ Wizard) and taken a look? All you need is a calibrated mic. There might still be potential for improvement via room treatment. If you send your REW measurements to GIK, they can give suggestions (I did this). Also,... 
Amps suggestions for ATC scm 40 mk2
I have ATC SCM40's and am happy with a Benchmark AHB2.  
Benchmark AHB2 amplifier - what to expect?
"Thank you for your patience. We are now accepting orders for the AHB2 power amp. Shipping will begin the first week of May." :-) 
The Music Room
I ordered a pair of speakers on Mar 1 from the Music Room and as of Mar 15, no speakers. Probably FedEx is to blame but perhaps TMR should be more careful with their choice of shipping partner. 
Where to hear ATC speakers
"In order to discover for myself the sonic distinctions between active and passive, ATC, through its U.S. distributor Lone Mountain Audio, dispatched to me a “conversion kit,” so I could swap out the amp pack/electronic crossover for the standard ... 
Where to hear ATC speakers
A comparison of active and passive ATCs in the same room would be  pretty attractive. Often folks say there is a striking difference, but it would be nice to hear with one's own ears. 
Where to hear ATC speakers
Here is the dealer list much on the east coast dealer's web sites.Seems cheaper to fly to UK and buy there. 
Review ATC SCM 40 A floorstanders.....finally
Are the ATC SCM50ASL Pro's the same as the "classic" or tower consumer hifi versions except for finish?  
Review ATC SCM 40 A floorstanders.....finally
Congratulations!Did you have a chance to hear them before ordering? How long did you have to wait? 
Down to 2 speakers & I can't decide, ProAc D48R vs Spendor D9
There seems to be a consensus that active is the way to go with ATC. Was the difference between active ATC SCM40 and passive as big as the price difference? ($7K vs $14K list). What amp was driving the passive?