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Anybody had problems with Bel Canto Evo Gen 2i
I had a problem with my own Evo2i a couple of years ago. Took mine to Tony at Coherent Systems who resolved the problem. 
Bel Canto REF1000 vs S300
I've compared the 1000 to the S300 and felt that the 1000 is simply a bigger/better S300. If you like the S300, you'll love the 1000. As it is, clearly doesn't do it for you, so look elsewhere. 
Bel Canto Evo II or S300
I have an Evo2i and recently auditioned an S300i and Pre3/A1000 setups.The Pre3/A1000 was heard whilst on holiday in Singapore, and as it had a rather more reasonable price tag on it, was seriously considering.The Pre3/A1000 has a very similar pre... 
CDP Clock Replacement - did you upgrade yours ???
I have a "flea" clock in my Meridian 500 (see the PinkFish forums for more details). Cost was just £50, made a very sizeable improvement to the naturalness of my system. For the cost, why wouldn't you?