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Logans and Heavy Metal?
Check out this review at the reviewer does some Rage Against the Machine reviewing and I think that's pretty heavy 
DTS problems
First of all the DVD has to be a dts DVD and this is NOT determined by the credits. The credits just mean that at some point (probably when the movie was in the theater) it was available in dts. The DVD will say dts in a red box somewhere either o... 
HDTV Set Top Receiver
Rlambert: If you are looking for Satellite HDTV, go with DishNetworks new Dish 6000 system. It has the component video outputs that your TV uses, and it upconverts standard def. programming to 1080i or 720p your choice. Plus you get HBO and Showti... 
Honest Reviewers ?
This idea can be drawn out further. Is it possible that magazine advertising influences what the reviewer says? I can't recall ever seeing a review where the reviewer said: "don't buy this product if you want a good home theater" etc. If that is t...