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Review: Von Schweikert Audio VR4 Gen III Speaker
I am very much agreed with you Mr. Oz. 
Von Schweikert synergy
Spectron MIII is very well known for the synergy. 
CES 2005 Initial impressions...
I wonder what is the cabling of the Von Schweikert used in the show. Anyone knows? 
LINN IKEMI USERS... Recommendation Plz
Try Silveraudio Passionata Interconnect and WattMaster Power cord. They are very good match with Ikemi. You have to use XLR in order to get the most of Ikemi. 
AZ Satori vs. Audience AU24
Anyone try the VR ribbon cables? 
Genghis Khan: opinions? vs others eg FIM
Hi Simontju,Could you show me the way to order a David Elrod power cords? What are the features of David Elrod power cord sonically?