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Lumin T2 or Matrix Audio Element X
+1 for matrix Audio. I had X-Sabre 3 and not much to complaint about.   
Budget preamp with quality volume control
@clio09 Hi bro, may I seek your advise which one should I get ? Music First pre-amp (used) or Khozmo pre-amp (new) ? Music first 75% expensive than Khozmo in my country. Many thanks!  
Tube DAC with solid state pre and solid state amp
I'm thinking to get Lab 12 Reference DAC (tube) to pair with Solid State Amplifier (Yamaha A-S1200) to drive Dali Rubicon 2. Would it be appropriate ? Kindly advise.   
Will accidental max volume damage a speaker?
That was happened to me few days ago. I almost got heart attack due to the high sonic came out from speakers. It happened just for 2s but I almost gone crazy. Vey terrible experience. I have decided to get passive preamp to control the volume betw... 
Lab12 Integre 4 MKII - user review
@auroravengeance Yay really appreciated. I'll pair with perreaux for the time being until I get funding for Integre4 MKII.   
Lab12 Integre 4 MKII - user review
@auroravengeance Could you recommend one preamp ? Coz I don't want to lose quality by adding passive preamp. Thank you!  
Lab12 Integre 4 MKII - user review
@auroravengeance Hi , may I check Lab 12 DAC 1 reference able to control volume control via driver such as Windows,Mac & IOS since my power amplifier doesn't have volume control. Thanks!  
Lab12 DAC1 Reference Problem
@hasmarto Hi there, I'm very tempting to get this DAC. However my current DAC Matrix Audio has digital volume control and Lab 12 doesn't have. May I check whether able to control volume from driver (Such as Window,Mac and IOS etc.)  
Lab12 Integre 4 MKII - user review
@auroravengeance I had finalised my sestup. DAC : Matrix Audio X-Sabre-3 (since Perreaux DP32 DAC has been discontinued), Power Amp : Perreaux Audiant 100p and Dali Rubicon 2 with pari of REL T5x (Studio Sub). Never regret my decision.  
Lab12 Integre 4 MKII - user review
@auroravengeance I had placed the order of Perreaux 100p though :).  
Lab12 Integre 4 MKII - user review
@auroravengeance can I consider getting Perreaux stack an upgrade? Currently, I'm using Anthem MRX 540 AVR (ESS ES9010K2M Sabre DAC). Your input is much appreciated.   
Lab12 Integre 4 MKII - user review
Hello there, I'm considering to get a stack of Lab 12 DAC & Integre 4 MK2 to drive Dali Rubion 2. Would it be appropriate choice ? Kindly advise. Many thanks in advance!