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speakers for arcam integrated
I'm sure that by now you might have settled on a pair of speakers for your Arcam amp.But, if you haven't and for other interested readers, audition the A38 with a pair of B&W 805s. Or better still, if you can get them, a pair of B&W 705s. ... 
I have to agree with Misstl - 'the LS3/5a is anything but thin'.But what a great little speaker it is! 
LS3/5a's - what amps are you using?
They're not that hard to drive - I drive my 11 ohm Rogers (ash and not bi-wired) with a Musical Fidelity A2. Sweet. 
B&W 705
Hey Gilman6125,I have a pair of B&W 705s - they're great speakers. I don't know much about the rest of the range as I have not auditioned any of them.My 705s are paired with an Arcam integrated amp. I really can't say how they'll sound with yo...