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Capacitor log Mundorf Silver in Oil
GrannyringDoes the label on your .22uf states that it is pio? 
Raidho D1 audition
Dracule 1 - having heard both C1.1 and D1 in your dedicated audio room, how does your pair of Sason performs against both Raidho? 
Two and a half hour audition of the Raidho C1.1
Dracule1, you stated very clearly that you were comparing the 2 systems both in your orginal post as well as the post update after changing the volume pots. I did not feel that you were comparing the speakers in two different systems. 
Jadis JA200 output tubes
Not decided yet.The amps have original Jadis KT88. I don't have speakers for the amps. I am waiting for a pair of Ridge Street Audio Sason. 
Ridge Street Audio Sason Owners
Dracule1, wondering how you like the sound of your Sason with Duelund Cast cap?