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DAC as pre amp
jbuhl Interesting conversation. I've been moving in the opposite direction. I have a very nice DAC from Ayre, QX-5, which has the option of using it as a preamp as well. For the last two years I didn't even bother trying this option, as following ... 
QX5 Twenty Net2 Upgrade
I upgraded mine and noticed a difference, it is a bit hard to characterize but he music had a more immediate or palpable feel that I liked, and I could  hear a bit more detail. In the quiet sections of music, for example, I was able to get more in... 
speaker recommendations for Ayre V-5xe?
I've got the same amp and use it with B&W, 802D3, very happy with the combination. I can't see that a smaller B&W won't work great as well.  
Primaluna. Evo 400 - bass issues
A friend of mine had a similar issue using PL amps and not getting enough bass from his Von Schweikert speakers. Hi tried several things and ended up using a used ss amp to drive the woofer and keeping the PL for the mid/trebble, was very happy wi... 
Does an Audioquest Niagra 1200 limit amplifier dynamics?
I used to have the Shunyata Hydra and indeed was limiting the dynamics. I tried the Niagra 3000 and noticed a difference immediately, I was able to trade the Shunyata and pay the additional cost of the Niagra.  
Looking for good recordings of female vocals I have not yet tried...
Shirey Horn Norma Winston Less mainstream: Areni Agbabian Cymin Samawatie Elina Duni Yeahwon Shin    
Intergrated Amp suggestions for B&W 805d4
I am using Ayre pre/amp with B&W 802D3, and it works great, try to find a dealer to check them out, good luck. nk   
New DAC, Ayre QX-5 vs Moon 680D, suggestions?
Not having MQA is not a deal breaker for me. At the beginning I liked MQA, but after more research and comparing I don't see it as a recipe for better sound. In some cases it can sound better, in others it just sounds different, not necessarily be... 
New DAC, Ayre QX-5 vs Moon 680D, suggestions?
Thanks for your comments. I believe the QB-9 is for USB, and I am streaming from Roon, the QX-8 is for sure an option Bob, good point. dbphd1, it is in my list for the future to update my amps for the AX5, I'm sure it would also make an improveme... 
Pass INT-250 for B&W 800's
I have the 802D3s driven by an old Ayre V-5X amp. Even though is only 150watts the work very nice together. 
B&W vs. Sonus Faber
I upgraded my speakers last year and was also between B&W 803D and SF Serafino (they were at a big discount).I auditioned both in the shop with a couple of audiophile friends. I really wanted to like the SF, because I heard another model befor...