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5.1 to 2 Channel - Any compet. for Magnum MD-10
Has anyone even heard of this? 
Subwoofer cables, what kind?
I used the WireWorld Oasis III + for my REL Strata III and they were fantastic. I tested them against Kimber PBJs, and there was much more depth and the sound was tighter and more refined. The WW cable is a sub cable only, so it is designed only f... 
Speaker Cable 8" between Wilson / ML336?
I enjoyed the Nordost SPMs between my 335 and my Watt/Puppy 5.1s. They were fast and incredibly dynamic, very revealing. Imaging was spooky. 
watt 5.1 speaker placement
When I had my 5.1s I found that wider room placement was much more rewarding than a narrow room placement. Set your listening position away from the back wall, but almost in an equilateral triangle with the 2 watt puppies. I found that 2-3 feet fr... 
Rel Storm and Rel Strata III
I have the Strata III. The Storm is a bigger sub than the Strata. That depends though on what improvements have been made to the Strata over the years. My advice is to call Rel and ask them. 
cables for martin logan prodigies
I have found that a fast dynamic cable like nordost really improves the dynamic abilities of the martin logans. I've listened to mine on many others, but the nordost provide the most impact. 
Are you Guys Rich or What!?
This argument can't really be definitively solved, ever. My last system was a $50K retail 2 channel CD listening system that I paid about $35K for. Not that much of a bargain, but not all the components were used. I auditioned component for months... 
Sub for monster BASS!!!!!!
For money no object, check out the Wilson XS. At over 7 feet tall and over 700 lbs. a piece with 2 19" woofers, these will cycle at 16 Hz at ridiculous volumes. And they should for around $40K a piece!