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UHA Reel to Reel/Tape Project opinions
To anyone into RR I say god bless & wish you all the enjoyment from the format it offers.Analogue tape in whatever size is my least favorite format except 2" in the studio. There's all the calibration, cleaning, rollers/motors/other moving par... 
SL1200 upgrade tonearm or replace cartridge?
If you can swing it budget-wise go for a SME iv or v. I have heard them with a 1200. Both were out of my price range but prompted me to hunt down a OL rb300 with all the mods which I got for a song. Not as good quality as the SME's as far as build... 
Rega RB300 tonearm VTA adjusters
I have an origin live vta adjuster which I find a major PIA to use. You have about a whole mm of surface area to grab onto which is basically flush with the top of the armboard. I don't have particularly stubby fingers so I could only imagine how ... 
Best High Efficiency Speakers for full bass tone
I used to live in a loft apt, the area where my speakers were was about 1100 sq ft with high ceilings. My DeVore Gibbon 8's (the original series not the super) had tons of bass. I did use placement and the concrete floor/wall to my advantage. Buil... 
Latin Female Singers - Any suggestions?
Luciana Souza - Brasil 
What country still has music?
We're at that weird crossover point between centuries. To make an analogy to the 20th it's James Reese Europe time. We haven't got past late 19th century brass band/ragtime. Stravinsky & Jazz & the "new" that will replace the tired 19th ce... 
Modern day female jazz recommendations
Luciana Souza. The first Brazillian Duos is a favorite. I haven't heard the third 
Best classical SACDs out there
Always was a big fan of the Florilegium recordings of Bach:Cantatas BWV 82a, BWV 199Sinfonia (Mvt. 1) from Cantata BWV 146Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor, BWV 1067 
PrimaLuna ProLogue Two vs ProLogue Premium
I have owned the ProLogue Two for several years now and have been very satisfied. I've always had speakers which are easy to drive and I think thats the most important feature to consider with either model of amp. If I were in your shoes, I would ... 
Pentagon PS 3 phono preamp settings help
This is an old thread but was wondering if anyone has a copy of the manual? Thanks