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new laser/assembly for Cary 303/300 cdp
I had a CDP 300 with the same problem. Cary was using Pioneer transports and the glue used to hold the laser cover would fail. Mine came completely off and would not read any cd's. Cary was able to re glue mine and service the player for around $150. 
CD Rom drive/laser assembly for Cary Audio??
Don't know if this helps. I have a Cary 300 cdp. The small plastic lens cap came off the laser assembly. I brought my player to Cary and they reattached the lens cap. Cary told me it was great I had saved the lens cap due to problems finding new o... 
pass lab owners: can i afford one?
I have a Aleph 5 and have my music on in the house about at least 15 hours a week. About a year ago I installed a 20amp line from a secondary power line (pump house and horse barn only on this line). The monthly bill increased from $25 to $30 a mo...