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Luxman DA-06 DAC vs Chord Qutest/Hugo 2
@shannere¬†, you wrote this 2 years ago, and the DA-06 has been discontinued. Have you heard any rumours about any heir to it? 
Luxman DA-06 Dac...anyone?
Any views on the DA-06 now, 7 years later? Is it a worthy used purchase, or would I be better off with a newer DAC? Amping from a P750u mark ii.(I asked this question in a another thread as well, in case someone recognises a double.) 
New Luxman DA-06 doesnt sound so great. Will it get better?
I'm just curious how this fares, 5 years after. I see Luxman has discontinued it, and has no real successor. Would you recommend getting it used, or to go for the D-03X in the same price range? (Or just some other brand?)