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Do You Tell Others How Much You Have Invested in Your System?
Not anymore. Got tired of the quizzical looks that begged for justification.   
Bookshelf speaker recommendation
Take a look at Aerial 5T. I have an earlier iteration, the 5B, and drive them with a Peachtree 80W hybrid. Wonderful sounding speaker and my favorite bookshelf model. Good luck!  
Will a $700 turntable outperform a CD player?
How many CaryAudio techs does it take to replace a lightbulb in a CAD-211FE?
Cary isn't what it used to be since Dennis Had left. If this is the bulb for the front meter you probably can get it at RS. If you've basic competence with a soldering iron you can DIY. (I haven't looked inside the 211-FE but I own a pair of the 2... 
Audio Leveling Software Recommendation?
Thanks all. Lloydc I can appreciate your perspective and wondered if this could be solved to my satisfaction. I like the idea the idea of replay gain because it employs tags on playback and doesn't alter the original file. My ideal is replay gain ... 
tone arm drifts towards the outside when lowering
On second thought, maybe not. I do *use* the arm :-) But if there are any other thoughts/opinions, fire away! 
tone arm drifts towards the outside when lowering
Interesting that I have just, in the last month, begun to notice this behavior in my arm: an RB700 mounted on a Basis 2200 Sig. Both arrived new in May of this year and as I say, the drift is a recent development. It was set up for me by my local ... 
Arm for Basis 2200?
Thanks for the input, gents. Looks like I'm going to go the Rega route, due to some very generous people on this forum :-) :-) :-) 
How is it ? that a tuner smokes the table ???
This is an interesting thread for the most part, I certainly learned quite a bit from those who could describe the radio broadcast chain. Never knew the details but I did know there was a lot of variability based on the station and engineer.For in... 
Need info. on Meadowlark Heron i speakers
Check this link here:http://www.meadowlarkaudio.com/Heroni.htmI also have a pair of them which I'll be selling shortly. They are terrific speakers IMO. 
Best Neil Young Album?
Tonight's The Night. No contest!