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15k for streamer and dac....how much on each?
I recently bought the T+A Dac200 and the Lumin U2 streamer, so about 50/50 in cost. Sounded spectacular but a touch " Hifi" on some cuts ( running unfiltered). However adding a high quality switch and a Network Accoustics ethernet filter/usb cable... 
Customs delay from China. How long should I reasonably wait?
I ordered glue to refoam a pair of old speakers through Amazon. It took six weeks to arrive from China, five of which were in Canadian customs. Someone there must have been sniffing it.  
One key to building great systems over time.
Working with a good dealer can make a big difference.  I built my present system up over a 30 year span with a dealer who would take gear bought from him as trade-ins. Having a good relationship resulted in discounted prices and the occasional flo...