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Level matching for a/b testing?
@millercarbon I hope that the overwhelming majority of your other 8324 posts are less condescending and more instructive than this response. Otherwise, why do you bother? 
Aging Gear for Aging Ears
I'm having a similar experience. I had a catastrophic incident with my Proac Response 3.8s back in the early 00's that I am only now addressing. During the interim, the rest of the system was mothballed, and most of my listening was in my study us... 
Isolation for Granite Surface Plate
Thanks guys for the benefit of your experience and research! The sorbothane / MDF / foam shelf liner / granite slab approach appeals to me from both cost and aesthetics perspectives.¬†Are all MDF boards created equal? If not, what are the relevant ... 
Tube testing in the SF Bay area?
Sounds like maybe 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. Love the way this thing sounds.