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Name a few albums which helped determine your musical tastes
Beatles: RevolverDoors: Strange DaysPeter Gabriel: 1Brian Eno: Before and after ScienceKing Crimson: RedDavid Bowie: Station to StationDavid Bowie: HeroesJohn Cale: GutsTalking Heads: Fear of MusicClash: London CallingXTC: Drums and WiresMaterial:... 
Sony TA-F7 vs Nakamichi CA/PA5 mkII
I have just received one bought in Germany and shipped to Denmark. No problems in shipping. And thank you very much for advice. I will send a PM. 
Dedicated Vinyl system next upgrade?
If you are in the mood for an experiment, then try to replace your Clearaudio TT with a vintage direct drive like Kenwood KD990 (or similar) or Technics SP 10 or 12 with a tonearm that matches the wonderful Hana SL.  
Sony TA-F7 vs Nakamichi CA/PA5 mkII
Thx a lot for your interesting and informative reply, Sonetduo. As I understand you, the N7/F7 doesn't have the infamous "death diodes", and that's good news. But I'm aware, that a lot of other things can fail. I live in Denmark, so please let me ...