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Reviewing the fabulous Silversmith Fidelium Speaker Cables
Haha - okay.  If you say so.  
Reviewing the fabulous Silversmith Fidelium Speaker Cables
You know, these seem really interesting and I'd be intrigued if the OP wasn't so over the top with his "unbiased review".  After a google search, he's posted this same review on nearly every high end forum you can think of.  So what's the deal her... 
Tube amps for Eggleston Andra II
1markr, have you tried other tube amps before settling on the Dodds? Other than a few remarks on here, I have never heard of them. Dev, thanks for your in depth thread, I too am astounded by the Andras. A friend of mine - another audiophool, has r... 
Tube amps for Eggleston Andra II
Thanks FJN04 & Myraj. FJN04, thanks for the many suggestions that I may not have thought of.I've actually been contemplating the Lamm ML1 but concerned about being underpowered. I contacted Vladimir/Lamm & he says the ML1 would work but th... 
any opinions about the bat vk d5 cd player ?
Mrtennis, you are exactly right about the VK D5. I have used it as a long time player in my second system because it couldn't cut it in the main one & I'm too lazy to sell it. I've never been that impressed with many BAT products actually. 
I want to talk to Wyetech Topaz's owners
Hi. I replaced my Classe Omega amp last year with Topaz monos & have not looked back. They easily powered my SF Amatis & are fantastic with my Acapella LaCampanellas. I think so much of them that I just dumped my ARC Ref II Mk II to buy ei... 
H2O 250 vs Mono's vs Spectron Musician III HELP
Try the Wyetech Topaz monos - I just bought a pair & they drive my Sonus Faber Amatis with ease. They replaced the Classe Omega & seem to have as much power with much more detail. The Omega sounds like a tin can next to them! 
Interconnects for Nordost Valkyrja speaker cables
Thanks Teajay. Have you heard the AZ interconnects in conjunction witth Valhallas or Valkyrjas? I have heard a lot of great things about AZ cables too. 
Totem Mani-2 and Sim Audio Moon
I had the Mani-2 with the W5 years ago & was very happy with it, especially with rock recordings. The Mani-2s need a good ss amp to be happy. I tried with a VK-60 & the sound was anemic to say the least.