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whats the best pre amp to pair with Bryston 4b cubed? A
Happy 5 year owner of 4B3 and have only used it with my 23 year old BP25. I agree with others who have recommended the BP26. I use the polarity/invert switch every time I listen to a CD, a very good feature of these preamps.  
Bryston Preamps - What do they sound like?
I own a BP25 built in '98. To me there is no sound to it at all, it adds or takes nothing from what is fed through it. Current amp 4B3 and before that had a Classe C-201. The polarity/invert phase switch is a big plus to have. Here's one review. ... 
What is wrong with my system?
Can you demo a Bryston amplifer? Three years ago I replaced my Classe CA-201 with a Bryston 4B3 and was was quite surprised at the all around  improved sound the Bryston added to my system. Rest of system is Bryston BP25, Teac PD-H600 cd player an... 
Canton Reference 9k opinions
 I have owned a pair Vento 890.2's for almost nine years. I have owned some good speakers over the years but these will be my last. There is plenty of good reviews for Canton speakers out there. Come to think of it, the only negative thing said I'... 
Bryston's BP-26 vs 17 cubed
Sorry, no I've not heard the 17 cubed. If I upgrade it would be to the BP-26 for the phase switch that to me makes a noticeable improvement on many recordings. 
Bryston's BP-26 vs 17 cubed
jakesnak, I'm looking forward to hearing your comparsion. Especially being able to compare using polarity invert switch on the BP-26. I've owned (and loved) my BP-25 for years and always use the phase button for best sound. Only listen to CD's. 
Coherent speakers from Canada
"Customer showed up with his CD's mid 90's grunge, Cranberries" Dolores O'Riordan  (Cranberries) voice can melt you! 
Ray Thomas has Passed
And The Tide Rushes InRIP  RayThis Is The Moody Blues playing tonight! 
Any Bryston 4B3 amp owners out there?
I recently picked up a 4B3 and find there is nothing it is lacking it's sound. Previous amp was a Classe CA-201 that I liked but the Bryston just sounds all around better IMHO. Rest of system is Canton Vento 890.2 DC,  BP25 pre and Teac PD H600 cd...