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Recommendations for speakers that sound great at lower volume levels.
Devore Orangutan o/96 powered with 8 watts tubes are perfect for very low level listening. I tend to agree that high efficiency speakers is the way to reach your goal.  
Pass Labs 250.8/250.5 or mark levinson 532h
Jahatl513...Sorry was away and only now get a chance to respond. Like Hk fan said already either option is a great choice!!! That is the short answer. Pass Labs 250.8 was running hot, 50c, operating temperature so it needs good ventilation around ... 
McIntosh MC 275 - what generation is better
Hello Vad58, just curious if you ever got the mc 275 vi? I have never heard tubes in person but love what they got to offer sound wise except the heat of course. I have an opportunity to buy a pair of mc275 vi and run them in mono set up. I curren... 
Closest to pass labs int 250 or x250.8
Jafant..... I owned emotiva xpa 5,  ATI signature 6003, Anthem P5. Like you I have Revel speakers but different model F208. 
Closest to pass labs int 250 or x250.8
Went through bunch of different amps in search of THat Pass Labs sound.  In the end I got 250.8! Love it!  Never before I enjoyed music so much.  So do yoursf a favor and save your money for what you Really looking for- Pass Labs.  There is no sub... 
Pass Labs 250.8/250.5 or mark levinson 532h
Thank you all that participated.  I got Pass Labs 250.8 and I am impressed by the sound!!! It is a keeper.  
kaifupdaddy, did you ever get a chance to do the demo of all the amps you wanted to do? Cant wait to read your review!!! So far I have owned ATI At6003 amp and find whitecamaross review of that amp spot on, thank you whitecamaross!!! Sold ATI now ... 
Awesome Review!!! PM me the price you want for ATI 6005. By the way what speakers were you using in your listenings?