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RIP Eddie Van Halen. What was your first stereo you rocked to VH on?
I was not a VH fan at first, I mostly listened to Jazz, Blues, Fusion, and more "Classic" rock. In later years I became a big fan of both the Van Halen and Van Hagar years.I remember vividly the first time I heard "Running With the Devil" which wa... 
Usless but interesting many of you old timers started with original Large Advents?
I had some crappy speakers when I was playing around with crappy radios as a kid, and then I actually built a pair of crappy speakers. But when I was a sophomore or junior in high school circa '73-'74, I bought a Pioneer SA amp and a pair of Large... 
What are you streaming tonight?
WWOZ from New Orleans, in my kitchen and in my garage. I'm a sucker for 50's R&B. 
Ethernet Cables, do they make a difference?
If it makes you feel better and you have money to burn go for it.But this is something I know about intimately. If ANY data cable passes data without packet loss, it cannot be improved upon. Period.