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How does Sony DVP-S9000ES compare to other Sony's?
This is the first time I own a high end SONY player. I got it second handed from eBay and immediately sent it to ModWright for Level III, Bybee, Cardas RCA jacks, and tube stage mods. When it got back to me, I was flabbergasted. From a competent s... 
Best Power Conditioner?
Shunyata Powersnakes HYDRA!Have owned: Perfectionist Audio Components IDOS, Chang LighSpeed, Adcom ACE, Monster HTS2000, PS Audio PP300 (2). 
Review: ZHORN FOSTEX Speaker
Am I going for the C&C Studio Ben? I wish, but it may be more expensive than I can afford. The HERUKA, on the other hand, is priced very attractively. 
Sony DVP9000es Audio Settings
I was talking about a SONY DVP-S9000ES, modded or stock. Witness Pilar whose findings are the same with that of mine (SHARP/ATT OFF). 
Sony DVP9000es Audio Settings
I found the Audio ATT (Attenuation) OFF and FILTER Sharp the most faithful setting for the 9000ES. The music sounds the most dynamic, flesh-out, and sweetest. This refers to the ModWright 9000ES with Level III Mod + tube output stage. 
Review: ZHORN FOSTEX Speaker
JK, have you tried to listen to two pairs connected together (two ZHorns/Horns on each side)? Connected in parallel = 4 ohms, series = 16 ohms. 
Review: Lowther Medallion II Speaker
Patsaud et al,I too own a pair of Ed's Horns. How would you compare them to the Lowther Medallion II? Thanks! 
Review: ZHORN FOSTEX Speaker
This is a general statement applied to my personal experience with a Fostex HornShoppe for the last two years. I thought the single drivers naturally lack the ultimate highs; how wrong I have been. A recent upgrade of my digital source and preamp,...