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T+A elektroakustik HV Series Components
I’ve been following this thread for a few months. I closed a deal on a new SDV 3100 HV. More to follow once I get this into my system.  
Heard of Soltanus Acoustics ESL Virtuoso ?
It’s an incredible design. I’ve owned a pair of Virtuosos for a while now. They sound absolutely amazing.  
Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II with Roon Core coming in June!
News on this? 
T+A Solitaire CWT 1000-40 Carbon Anniversary Series Speakers.
Thank you for your review.  
Grey amplifier Imports from Japan?
Any recent news on Audiocubes or other sellers in Japan?  
Want to get into Streaming
Topping D90 (MQA) $799.99!  
My Demo results: I feel like I'm at a frustrating block in my speaker journey
ML’s and a couple REL’s and you’re golden. ESL’s and you’re hooked!  
What country builds the best audio equipment?
I’m a huge fan of MBL from the Germans but love Accuphase from our Japanese friends as well. I have a pair of Soltanus Acoustics Virtuoso ESL’s from Serbia and they are amazing! I think most countries have certain components that would be best in ...