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biwire trick
What if you have a triwire setup with the midrange and bass jumpered together for Definitive Technology Bp 2002 auto power on reasons in order to keep the bass operating? The tweeter is separate. Any recomendations? 
Lexicon MC-1; DC-1 Power supplies
Where did you buy your power supply for $65? I had a quote for $95 plus shipping $102. 
STUPIDLY high resolution pure silver interconnects
CLio09, thank you! I know that was one of the articles that I read. I understand that the best RCA connection is having the conductor not in a pool of solder but to have as much surface area as possible touching the connector. without having solde... 
STUPIDLY high resolution pure silver interconnects
From various articles that I have read that 99.99% pure silver is as good as it gets. Maybe this information is incorrect? The articles go on to say that companies that claim a higher purity than .9999% can not back it up in writing. One article s...