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Suggested Improvements for Set Up?
I think it depends somewhat on the type of amp you're considering. Based on my similar situation, my DAC made a bigger improvement for me. I had a Marantz receiver driving Sonus Faber Liuto monitors. I bought a separate Emotiva power amp and used ... 
Review: Paradigm Atom v.6 Monitor
I haven't listened to the Atoms, but I have recently heard the next step up - the Mini Monitors v.6. For the money, I think Paradigm is one of the best speaker manufacturers out there. I compared the Mini's to the B&W 685s and found myself pre... 
You know you're an audiophile if--
Speakerwire and interconnects turn you on more than women. 
Paradigm Mini Monitors v.5
I bought a pair of Mini Monitors just a couple of months ago. As discussed, I compared them to the B&W 685s. I've always been a big fan of B&W, but liked the Paradigms better, especially at that price point. I came across some additional c...