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Meitner MA-3 vs MA1 v2
Yes that seems the best way to go, thanks. I have never heard the Brinkmann but it has some great reviews and has the interesting combination of digital and tubes. Enjoy!  
Rose Hifi Network Streamer RS150
The 150b impresses most as a streamer imho. When played through an outboard DAC the SQ increases substantially. But as a streamer it excels (spatial, nice full bodied sound, detailed). The problem I am having with it, is that it has a lot of funct... 
Problem with my Rose 150 b
Rose 150b should play perfectly with Roon. Listening to it now…;) If you see your meters dancing around, one would expect it would be your output that is causing the problem, rather than your network connection. On top of the advice above you migh...