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Dallas- Lone Star Audio Fest
Looking forward to it. Thanks for letting us know about it. 
Top 5 Hamburgers
Twisted Root in Deep Ellum just East of downtown Dallas 
Best 'cue to eat while listening to the Blues
Twin Anchors on Sedgewick in Chicago (couple of blocks north of downtown) - baby backs to live for 
"Cut from the original master tapes"
I always say Its a dull day when you don't learn something - I thank you all for your responses 
Oppo Blu-ray ???
will it play video files downloaded from your PC onto a thumbdrive or only music files? 
Advantage to receiver with HDMI?
I'm curious about this also - I understand wanting to go from the components to the receiver (or Pre/Pro) with HDMI but doesn't HDMI also cary the audio signal? Don't we all want the audio signal to be heard thru speakers other than those built in... 
CD Cutting and / or Trimming
Jeffcottexcellent - that's what i'm looking forthanks 
CD Cutting and / or Trimming
DaveExactly my responce when I heard the term 2 days ago - from what I've read it is trimming the perimeter on a Lathe like device that ensures "perfect" roundness with the edge tapered at 38 degrees. even sells the machine. Like I... 
Using one pair two sets of wires for each channel
Sorry everyone - I was standing in the shower this morning and thought "Holy Cow, how could I have been so wrong" - the vertical bi-amping works by taking two leads from the left PRE-amp out to the to input connections on an amp that will serve ju... 
Using one pair two sets of wires for each channel
Take a look at AudioPerfectionist.comHe advocates what he calls "Vertical Bi-Wiring" - Two pairs of speaker cables are attached to the left speaker out from your amp - both are connected to the binding posts on the left speakerdo the same for the ... 
The Best Inexpensive Wines Available Now
This should be an enjoyable thread.I've always enjoyed any ol' cheap red Italian wine ($5 or $6). I've never been disappointed. However, when the listening calls for low lighting any Classico Reserva (however its spelled) in the $20 to $25 range s... 
What is the best pressing of Ravel's Bolero
4yanx & MgottliebI thank you much - now I'm on a search for your suggested versions 
Vinyl lovers, I need help
I just bought a book ($17 at Border Books)that has everything I tried to look up (about 100 LPs) except in 2 or 3 instances. Its "Goldmine: Record Album Price Guide". 
Rega vs. Moth?
Thanks tremendously for your input. A day never goes by that I don't learn things on this site. Even though I'm new at this I'm never embarressed to ask for input on this site because people here have good comments and are helpful - never condesce...