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I need opinions, Schhit Freya+ and an appropriate Amp
 I am new to this audiophile game (although I have collected music for 40 years), but in the past 6 months, I found a Marantz 2238B in very nice condition and I am totally hooked on vintage Marantz receivers. I currently have the Marantz running t... 
RCA switch / 2 in 1 out or 4 in, 1 out.
I decided to go with the Schiit SYS 2-in-1. I got one for about $40. 
Bill Legall-MillerSound speaker driver repair
I don’t want to discount brettmcee’s experience, but I think it is cowardly and manipulative of him/her to try to shame Bill by printing Bill's final exasperated email while glossing over his/her own "mildly emotional" emails, which no doubt set t... 
Bill Legall-MillerSound speaker driver repair
I wanted to add to this thread that Bill just restored a pair of Advent Loudspeakers for me, and they sound incredible. I am so lucky that I live 45 minutes from Millersound, and I am honored that this legend agreed to work on my speakers after I ...