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Innuos statement
Just a word of advice; don't ignore the suggestion for the Chord umbilical cord  Significant difference from stock.  Highly recommended by my old ears.  Improvements across the board,I also use an aftermarket power cord, Cardas Clear, and CenterSt... 
Wolf Audio music servers
Hi Iwin:Hope you are still enjoying your server.  I ran into some issues with Joe and cancelled my order.  I wish you and the others the best with your Wolf servers.popspin 
Wolf Audio music servers
Hi Iwin: Good to know.  I am waiting on a RW2.  Moving from an Aurender N100h.  Very excited to hear it in my system. 
Wolf Audio music servers
Updates please!!iwin, redrocket990 and clarinetmonster2: you have had your Wolf servers for a while.  I’ve just ordered one.  Please post about your experience thus far. Thanks!popspin