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Dynaudio C1 + Mcintosh 275 amp, do they match?
Anyone know how the new Living Legend Limited Edition MC275 sounds with the C1s??? I am thinking of picking one up ... the green glow looks cool ;-) 
Is this a reasonable Audiophile Mac-based Server?
S789F ... I had the EXACT same problem last month with the exact same set up. It was a digital locking issue with the Bel Canto. My solution is below ... I also went to Radio Shack and found a shorter USB cable with gold plated connectors. I don't... 
HELP ... Mac MIni and Bel Canto DAC3 Problems ...
Here is a copy of the review I just posted in the "Reviews" section ...For those of you who want to skip to the end, the Bel Canto DAC3 wins by a long shot ... at least in my subjective opinion. Not because it does any one thing significantly bett... 
HELP ... Mac MIni and Bel Canto DAC3 Problems ...
My output shows "USB Audio CODEC" ... I tried adjusting settings in Midi setup to no avail.I think that it is a digital lock problem as the first decimal point in the display lights up just before I get a drop-out or pop. Hold on, I am going to tr... 
iTunes download formats?
On a side note, if you truly want to test your systems capability, you can download truly high-res studio masters in FLAC format from Linn Records and then convert them to Apple Lossless with a bit transparent converter called Max so that they wil... 
Preamp/amp far superior to just int. amp.?
For your $2k, I would have recommended a used Simaudio I-5 or I-5.3 integrated amp. 
Absolutely, positively Apple Lossless ... don't use anything else. If someone gives you FLAC files, convert them to Apple Lossless using a program called Max. 
Cash burning a hole What to upgrade?
Sell your speakers here on the Gon and add your extra $2k to the loot ... you could get some serious used monitors now for that kind of money. I find it amazing that you can find 2 to 3 year old $10k speakers for ~$2.5k here just about every day. 
Music Server vs. PC vs. Transport vs. ?
Ignoring the space that I presently have it in, take a look at my system and it may give you some ideas. It is based on using the Mac Mini as the main digital source ...Here is the link: 
iMac based system -- any advice?
Take a look at my system by clicking the link below ... it is a bit extreme, but you might get some ideas: 
Help me order my new APPLE Computer
I am an audiophile addict! However, I love iTunes and the ability to instantly access all of my music. Accordingly, I have been playing around with components, software, and disc burning formats in an effort to create a true audiophile sound syste...