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Need Kt88s Genelex? or Shuguang?
Drubage:What features of the Shuguang 502B did Pacific Valve misrepresent? 
Best Tube CDP for $2000 Budget
Undertow:I went to the PV web site and here is what I found: We have technicians on staff, repair in the USA and stock parts. Our turn around times on repairs have averaged around 15 days door to door. Like I said, I sent it on the 15th and it was... 
Best Tube CDP for $2000 Budget
Once AgainUndertow is completely out of it.The Raysonic is built in China by Shanling. I know for a fact the Pacific Valve services its products out of Illinois. I sent a DAC that I bought 1 year ago for service and they turned it around in 2 week...