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Amp recommendation for Maggies 1.6Q
I had tremendous success driving a pair of 1.6QRs with an Audio Research D-115 MK2. 110 watts of pure tube bliss.The great thing about Magnepans is that the impedence stays level at 4 ohms, so it's really not a challenge for a quality high power t... 
Burned out hi fi salesman
--"For me it's about the music, the equipment is only a tool."-- NocasterIf that's true...Why in the HELL were you buying a Patricia Barber album?If that's your idea of music, no wonder you don't care about your system! 
Rarest Brands for Sale on 'Gon
Regarding the Wavestream V8. I just had an opportunity to hear one (er...actually two - monoblocks) this week driving a pair of Avalon Eidolon (sp?) Diamonds at The Analog Room in San Jose.Holy Cripes!