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plauged by off center image, am I insane?
I've been bugged by the same thing on certain CD's. Sometimes, when no ones looking, I find myself moving my listening position in order to compensate. 
Caliper Signature vs Duetta Signature?
Check the Apogee users website - a lot of information by a great group of people. Use the Apogee Users Group link near the bottom of the page.http://www.apogeespeakers.com/Good luck. 
Cleveland, OH
Canton, Ohio. No interest in HT. My Apogee Stages provide all the "surround sound" I need. 
Favorite integrated amp?
Bryston B60 - Using mine in a bi-amp setup with the B60 driving the midrange/tweeters on Apogee Stages, with a Bryston 3B handling the woofers. Able to drive these 3 ohm speakers to wall shaking volumes and sound so smooth... 
Every make a purchase you truly regret?
Ditto on the Counterpoint SA-20. Mine spent as much time in the repair shop as it did in my listening room.