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Why Do So Many Audiophiles Reject Blind Testing Of Audio Components?
audiophiles: trust your ears! my wife can hear how much better my system sounds with my $9000 power cord and she's in the kitchen with the dishwasher running! it's not subtle, a veil is lifted!  also audiophiles: no I won't do a blind abx test, y... 
stacking components without leaving marks
almost forgot about this thread, wow what a lot of comments! thanx guys! i was always under the assumption that felt left marks, i will get some. 
Preamp Deal of the Century
i am wondering if anyone has/has heard the new versions of the preamps to compare with the old ones? 
pass lab owners: can i afford one?
well THAT makes me feel a lot better. thanx guys! 
supratek HT bypass question
thanx you casouza! 
confused with HT bypass
thanx guys! yes, i realize i will need to upgrade to a pre/pro that has a preamp output. i don't use audyssey - i set up my system manually. i have also emailed mick from supratek to ask him exactly that question as it is not spelled out in the ma... 
how do you ship?
again to clarify, i made it very clear i was sending 2nd day air from chicago to new york. 
how do you ship?
here is what i was told at kinko's - i later verified this from fedex (the real one). you cannot insure stereo equipment (or much of anything else apparently). fedex automatically insures everything up to $500 and apparently is liable under some c... 
Will Vincent "Dynaco" Amps
bill thomas' work is great too, over at audiocircle. look under the vintage audio forum. 
to clarify what duffye said (if this isn't the case duff i apologize) emotiva along with a bunch of other companies have gotten somewhat burned by waiting for delivery of a new microprocessor chip from cirrus, a chip that was supposed to be availa... 
Opinions on Wyred 4 Sound ICE amps
i have a pair of the sx1000 monoblocks and love them. i had previously bought the d-sonic dual mono 1000 amp just to try the ice amps. liked it enough to go with the WFS mono's. i liked the looks of the new WFS amps and also the ability to easily ... 
Maddening HUMMMM
if you look on the jensen transformers webpage under the white pages section, they have a pretty thorough step by step to troubleshooting ground loop hums. see if it helps if you haven't tried it yet.