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Stream Apple Music at 192khz through C49 DAC
Thanks for all the responses. I found out that not all Hi Res lossless on Apple Music is at 192 khz. Some are at 92 khz some are at 48 khz and reular lossless is 44 Khz. The DAC on the MAC shows the khz. I found a few Eagles albums and Pink Floyd ... 
Best shipping companies
Packed in original carton they weigh around 185 lbs each  
McIntosh preamps
Thanks for the input everyone it’s much appreciated.  
Anyone selling a pair of Mcintosh LS360 speakers?
It was shipped in the original Mcintosh box by a very reputable dealer. They took it back and gave me a New old stock to replace it. I brought it back and returned with the new one.  
Anyone selling a pair of Mcintosh LS360 speakers?
They are very expensive to ship that’s why I’m looking for something closer to home. I don’t trust fedex or Ups. My  MC352 came and the front glass plate was shattered.