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citation 16 system
Perhaps a vintage Citation 11 preamp would be the natural pairing. I have a friend who was getting rid of one several months ago, because one channel was not working right. He might even still have it. He always used it with the Citation 16 amp, w... 
klipschorn modifications
Wouldn't lining the horns narrow their geometry (or is that part of what's good?)? Any benefit from lining the outsides of the horns for damping? I love the suggestions -- keep them coming if there are more. I will certainly check out the forums. 
Rachmaninov Piano Conerto 2 - Recommended LP?
Those mentioned are good for different reasons. Some people like their music played certain ways. Janis and Wild are faster, with Wild brilliant and Janis more fleet, and both colorful. Cliburn and Ashkenazy are slower (Ashkenazy may only seem tha...