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Linn LP12 vs. VPI Classic 1 and 3
I had LP-12 with Ittok arm. I used several third party upgrades of power board, arm board and sub-chassis. Read all of the setup advice and worked diligently for proper setup. To my ears there was no huge difference between my digital sources and ... 
Best Multi CD Deck
I concur on the Anthem CD-1. 
Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em?
Just off the phone with John and have ordered the 4.5000 upgrade for my Ohm Walsh 4's. I will post my opinion once I get them in and have a chance to listen. I have Cary Solid State electronics. Replacing Gallo Ref 3.1 with SA. 
Here's a challenge:a class A sound system for less
All used:Cary Cinema 5 - $2800Cary Cinema 11 - $1800Gallo Ref 3 - $1800Mapleshade bases for Ref 3- $800Linn LP-12 CFiber SC & AB, Ittok II - $1400Ortofon Kontrapunkt B - $1000 from JapanWhest PS.20 - $1000Anthem CD-1 - $650Total $11,250Zone 2:... 
ittok lift assembly
I was told by Linn that they do not make the Ittok lift assemblies any more but the Akito lift was a drop in replacement. I was referred to Linn's Jacksonville,FL distributor. Seems like the cost was $200 or so. 
Best Concert Film
Roy Orbison: Black and White Night.Featuring....Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Jackson Browne, JD Souther, Bonnie Raitt, KD Lang, Tom Waits, Jennifer Warns and James Burton. 
Gallo Reference 3.1 in a large room?
My 3.1's are in a 16X24X10 room with door openings outside of the speakers. These speakers are everything people say they are. I recommend a sub-amp to power the second voice coil. This allows the flexibility to accomodate any room. My 3.1's sound...