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Cary vs Raven
@immathewj - I spoke / emailed with Steve Witek and Tammy Wright. Both very helpful.  
Cary vs Raven
FWIW, I have a couple of Cary pieces I bought used and have had good customer support convos even though the used equipment isn't covered under any warranty. Rob  
Hum in speakers, and suggestions for stopping it
if you've moved your equipment recently and now have speaker hum, it could just be - as normb was driving at - speaker cables interacting with signal or power cables. Try moving the speaker cables around a bit, this has worked for me under similar... 
There is none out there......
I've been very happy with my Cocktail Audio X50D - with both CD ripping and wifi performance. In my previous apartment I had it hardwired, now I'm running it on wifi. Not much difference. But, adding a nearby wifi extender with a cable into the X5... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Currently playing Bruce Springsteen "the River" on a Maxell MX 110 / Nakamichi ZX-9.