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Classic McIntosh tube amp or new other brand
Vintege Macs will hold up it's value over time. From time to time you can find Mc-240 or Mc-30 amps from EBax that already been gone over by techs, a good sign of it is some new caps in the power supply side.I currently own 2 Mc-240 driving some o... 
reccomendations for 5751 , 6FQ7 tubes?
5751 - Sylvania GB triple mica or Raython black plates. 
Piega's "New "Spk line: "Improved or Just Hype?"
I also heard the new C-3 LTD at 2003 CES. Unlike Audio999, my impression on the speakers was fast, clean and balanced. It was one of the top 5 sound room that I like and enjoy at CES. Just not too sure about $9000+ price tag. 
Pass Labs Service
I second Pass Labs great service, Peter at Pass also send me a power cord for my X-1. You can also buy the different length of the 25 pin MF cord from any computer supply store. What on the SCD-777ES don't you like other than the fact that it does... 
SACD Player Hates CDR's
I have the Sony SCD-1 SACD player, the CDR copies works fine on it, but make sure you dupe it at lower speed. When I dupe the cd at 32x, it spits out the CDr or if it plays, sounds terrible. 
Blueroom Minipod, after modding sound 100 better
How did you divide the inner walls? 
Speaker Cable Feet: Suggestions?
Check out these, I think it looked nice:http://www.audionut.com/pk4/store.pl?section=6