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Vandersteen 2CE vs. Thiel CS3.6?
I really appreciate the replies so far. Seems everyone agrees that these are great speakers which require a lot of power. I just purchased the new Bel Canto EVO which is 200 watts into 4 ohms. Do you think I have enough power? Also would like to k... 
HDTV Set Top Receiver
mrtrader my tv is hd ready not hdtv, I was under the impression that I had to buy a set top receiver in order to receive hd signal, such as panasonic or rca for example. will the dish you mention do the same thing. Thank you for your comments. 
Help with Buzzing in Speakers
Treyhoss thanks a bunch I will troubleshoot with your suggestions. To add info for you I have a DVD 05 and a Muse 2 dac. The buzzing was occurring before I added the dac so I don't think its the dac, I think it is the 800 processor. I reset the 80... 
Is Kinergetics Research Out of Business?
Thanks CJ I am glad to hear that. 
Hum Problem
Thanks Stone cold it took care of my problem. Rick 
Biwire Spk. Cable & Inter. Advice
Thanks Carl for your reply. I will definitely take your advice. Rick 
Best Center Channel Speaker
Thanks to all for your responses so far. I should have mentioned that my main speakers are Vandy 2CE's. Will the Legacy Silver Screen work? Thanks again for all the help. Rick 
Power Cord Advice
Thanks much for the advice Sam. Rick 
Power Line Conditioners
It sounds like I should definitely plug all my power amps directly into the wall, if I do this obviously I will not have any surge protection. Is this what I should do. What should I do about my other components as far as surge protection goes. I ... 
DACS - Need Advice
How much do you want for the EAD DAC and thanks for the quick response. Rick