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Issues with Sony HAP-Z1ES- Vtuner Non-Functional
Vtuner is now working!! Yea!! 
DAC to pair with MA6600
Just get the new Sony HAP-Z1ES. You will not regret it.... 
Sony HAP-Z1ES or NAD M51?
A month in ... and must say the HAP-Z1ES is sounding better every day. Very smooth sound with great detail/highs and massive soundstage. Loving it. Awesome job by Sony... 
Sony HAP-Z1ES or NAD M51?
Hi GFC,How can I describe this - definitely on the brighter side (especially with DSEE/DSD re-master on) but not in a bad way - you just hear a lot more detail on the high frequencies at least compared to the Benchmark. Overall the biggest differe... 
Sony HAP-Z1ES or NAD M51?
Have been listening to the Sony HAP-Z1ES for the last week. Have to say very impressed. The thing is built like a tank - weighs 30 lbs!!Sound quality is definitely amazing - a big jump over my touch/benchmark combo - much more detailed, bigger sou... 
Sony HAP-Z1ES or NAD M51?
Thanks for all the feedback on the NAD, folks! Seems like a lot of fans out there....Still curious if anyone has compared to the Sony HAP-Z1ES purely as a DAC.I have ordered both and will let u know what I end up keeping. 
Sony HAP-Z1ES or NAD M51?
Thanks for the responses! So far 2 votes for the M51 :-)JazzontheH: Where did you get your power supply upgrade for the touch? May be the cheapest solution to upgrade fever :-) 
Sony HAP-Z1ES or NAD M51?
Yes, the Squeezebox Touch is a wireless streamer and can support 24/192 with some tweaks.Yes, I like the connectivity of the NAD M51. However, just looking for folks who have heard the Sony HAP-Z1ES and how its sound quality compares to other high... 
USB or Squeezebox Touch from Mac to DAC
Thanks, folks!Looks like i will need to invest on a mac mini.However, why do i need a usb to spdf device - and why cant i feed usb direct from mac mini to the peachtree nova dac?Thanks,Raj