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dac to cdp quality ratio
Mostly happy withn what I have, better cables have helped , but still trying to fix an occasional harshness? I hear on some cds,but I am not very familiar with the DAC process. I've read reviews of the musical fidelity DACs that claimed a big impr... 
Balanced XLRs to cable RCAs
an update to a question I posted last January about rcas to xlrs comparison.after trying his MA1 RCA cables from my SunfireTGP III preamp to Arcam dv135, I replaced the old xlrs with Mike Morrows MA1 XLRS, and ALL IS WELL, the harsh is gone, smoot... 
what speakers demand high end electronics
I would guess if your speakers allow you to hear the difference between various electronics and cables they would more warrant / demand better upstream.I have Vandersteen 2Cis with Sunfire pre and power an NAD 541ci cd which are good enough to end... 
Balanced XLRs to cable RCAs
cables not from same company, Monoprice XLRs are 16 g copper, both gold platted, Knukonceptz RCAs appear better made, will try breakin.Thanks allrms 
Balanced XLRs to cable RCAs
Driver-no balanced switch on ampcables are same 3 ft length, XLR from monoprice?, not expensive, but well reviewed by users, 100% first XLRS Ive tried.the RCAs seem same heavy duty, quality gold plated const., better than others inc. monster.AMP, ... 
NAD remotes
I tried online and no responsethanks 
dedicated cd player or dvd-cd
Im not familiar with DACs,will a better quality cd player do away with the need for one or will it make any cd player sound better.thanks 
New Amplifier
i couldnt pass up the deal on the sunfire amp.I cant believe an amplifier can make that much difference.lower end full and deep and loud.voice / piano higher end not as harsh / brightaltogether more balanced from low to high.separation of individu... 
New Amplifier
Bob reynolds response about impedence made me try a different output on my Van Alstyne preamp. I switched my cd player from tape to spare and a new better quality cable. It made a huge difference.Im a bit skeptical about cable and wire claims, sho... 
biwiring for vandersteen 2cis
thanks all