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trying to add a subwoofer to a Mac system from before subs were a thing….
Solid advice!! American made, simple and like you say, place between the pre and the amp, so I'm only amplifying the freqs I want. Thank you. I Do have a separate amp. The mighty McIntosh MC7300. I have two of these, one on the main, and one brid... 
Mcintosh mc2100 round speaker output connector
that logo is available from MAC, call their parts dept or better, email them. I get them on the phone once every 12 attempts, when they call back I'm always busy.  just email them your needs. Robert Portland OR  
Could I use my analog hifi system for commerical bar?
check out a cool place called Decibel in Milwaukee Oregon (suburb of Portland).    They really nailed it   
I am so happy.....
wow, so much snark on this site.    I'm actually very happy for you. I have a mix of vintage Mac pieces and new stuff. Somehow it all works and I'm happy to listen to my talking heads.    Remember, there is only two kinds of music: music you l... 
Vibration Isolation for Rega RP3
Isoaccustics all the way!! 
to buy or not to buy (ultrasonic record cleaner)
Hi all, Robert here, I started a similar thread on AK, especially since I'm seeing the machines on Ebay starting to hit the sub $300 mark. Here is the one thing no one else has brought up. Your dedicated record cleaner/vacuum system is just that. ... 
What is your favorite ''slow dance'' song of all time?
Warm Leatherette by the Normal (Danial Miller) 
Has anyone seen this? A really beautiful turntable
I bought one. It died a horrible death. Waiting to get my money back. 
Mag-Lev Turntables
I own one. Loved the ahhh factor. couple things, the wobble is bad, if a record is warped or uneven pressing.If it were on a flat normal tt, uneven records wouldn't matter, but with the Mag-Lev, the needle lifts if the wobble is too great.There ar... 
100W, 200W, or 300W?
Hey there, I have the MC7300 I'm trying to trade for the narrow version or just unload. But, have to say, I don't listen to my music any louder. But...I hear way more bass and it seems more well-rounded. Like my buddy who owns a dodge hellcat. I a...