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Least Expensive Power Conditioner/Surge Protector That Won't Worsen Sound
Furman Elite 15PFIs - good units, and you can find these used at good prices at Audiogon, US Audiomart, and HiFi Shark.  
After years of separates, I'm going integrated. Anyone else do the same?
Cayin 688r - integrated amp along with Musical Fidelity M6SACD, Focal Aria 948 Musical Fidelity A3CR dual mono integrated, A M3CR CD, VPI MKIII, ET 2.5 tonearm, Grado Sonata Reference, kit built speakers using Legacy Audio components Technics SA... 
Need help picking my first tube amp
Watch from of Thomas and Stereo reviews - he does a great job and most of his offshore amps are below $1k.      
Replace inner sleeves on used records?
I use Vinyl Storage Solution products - who are running a sale on their products.  I find them top quality, excellent pricing, and great service. https://vinylstoragesolutions.ca/    
DIY cables question
Check out this DIY speaker cable using Mogamihttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Uqx6VhWq9E8