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Nordost Quantum Technology Products
I'm using a Quantum QX4 plugged in a dedicated line, between the wall outlet and my Exactpower EP15-A. After 3 weeks listening (Jeff Rowland pre and power with Avalon speakers) I'm very impressed. The sound is more liquid and I enjoy the PRAT.Regards 
Furutech...Cardas Golden Ref.
YesI've make it with rodium and gold plugs. It is a good improvement. You should consider that the sound of gold is different over rodium.Regards 
Your say - AudioQuest DBS system
I put in my sistem Audioquest Sky DBS two months ago.He need a mich break in to sound OK. At the first the sound is bright,without bass....Now, the sound is gorgeous, a bit laid back like oll Audioquest.They need break in