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Jim Winey (Magnepan) has passed away.
I was honored to have met Jim back in the early seventies, we also were a Mangapan dealer in Calif.  He and Wendall are and were great men!  They would make dealer visits, and I was a kid that stood in awe. 25 yrs old. Thank you Jim for your revol... 
Having been a Magnepan the 70's.  I will tell you Magnapan, at all times in history has had an authorized dealer network.  They would always refer to the network in that persons location.  Now there are some dealers that are authoriz... 
SVS or REVEL Subwoofer
Just added the Rel T7x to my LRS pluses. I drive these with a Rogue Sphinx3.  I was able to compare the SVS with the REL side by side in a controlled switchable environment.  The test song I use for bass is "Sixteen Tons" by Geoff Castellucci. My... 
SVS or REVEL Subwoofer
Two Rel, vs. 1.  The hi level input is very unique, call Jacob at Rel smart guy  
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At what price is one considered an Audiophile.
I believe if you call yourself an Audiophile, you are, just the real desire to be such, makes it so.  I am an audiophile, and have been since 1964, I took apart my parents console and built boxes for the speakers, hung them over my headboard, and ...