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Transport-Lock Screw for Thorens TD-318
I know this post is old but if anyone is looking for an answer. Flathead M4, .7 thread pitch, 60mm length is the correct replacement screw for the original transport screw on the TD-318mkI  
Is there a difference between Linn LP12 lingo 1 vs lingo 2 other than the case?
Both zavato and daveyf are correct. Here is a bit more detail. The Lingo 1 was introduced in 1990 and was modified for safer operation in 1995 around serial number 10000. The Lingo 2 was introduced in early 2001, serial number 614522 on, and was t... 
Wilsons sound OK and other revelations from Sea.
Thanks for taking the time to come to the event and write the review.The cartridge in the Wilson/ARC room Micheal Fremer was in was indeed an heirloom. It was not a Titan (that cartridge was on the Ayre DPS table) it was an Olympos..serial number ...