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Looking for a Tube Tester to use - Denver Area & suggestions for other forums to post on
Thanks Cal.  I was at VTS last week.  Ellen kindly tested about 14 of my 7308 Amperex JAN and USN tubes on one of their FOUR calibrated Hickok 539b&c's. Spent more than 30 minutes.  And no charge.She gave mU details on each.  Allowing me to pi... 
Mark Levinson 27.5 versus modern day amps
I know this is a very old thread, but wanted to add my comments. I recently purchased a pristine 27.5.  On consignment at a guitar store in a small town.  To be honest, bought it because it was a ML and the price was so low. Boy am I impressed.  T... 
How to tell the difference between Aerial Acoustics Model 8 vs 8b
They were 8b's. Long grill, gold logo/badge much lower on the front.  Same standard Model 8 serial number label on the binding post plate.  Appears the Aerial do not print a new model label for the 8b.  I bought them, by the way. Sound and look am... 
Is the Mark Levinson 38 preamp a good match for a Project Xpression III Turntable?
Hi Soundbien - if you do not mind me asking, what did you pay for your 38? The PS Audio GCPH is a great phono preamp and has balanced outputs that go well with the ML.  It was called a $1000 giant killer and I see them used for $400-500.