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Audiokinesis Speakers
such as it is, here it is: guess Duke is too busy to keep it current. 
Anyone using Nuforce Ref 9 Mono Blocks?
Ivor Tiefenbraun started this source first thing back when sources (turntables/arms/cartridges) differed wildly. The thinking persists even now, apparently, but is not so valid as it was in the bad old days.If you have opaque speakers and amps, ho... 
Anyone using Nuforce Ref 9 Mono Blocks?
"They" are not always right! How can you judge the source if you can't hear it? If you get the speaker/room/amplifier thing right, then you are in a good position to make judgement calls on the preamp, source, cables and other tweaks. 
Vintage Tannoy's,,what are your amps?
I got my best results with my Tannoy Ardens (1977, re-wired with copper-foil-in-oil caps to HF, vertically biamped) with a pair of Sugden Au 31s. It was then that I discovered how much they love some surplus of available amplifier power. I foolish... 
Best Vintage Speakers?
Devon, I have a pair of 1977 Tannoy 15s (HPD 385A with Alnico magnets) I hear they work best in open baffles or infinite baffles. Mine are in the Arden reflex enclosures. I am not very happy with the sound, even after replacing the HF in line caps...