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Anyone with tinnitus or hearing loss who is into "high-end" audio?
Hi all, returning to the subject: has anyone had experience with the use of hearing aids to try and manage the tinnitus as well as the hearing loss (6-8k in my case)?  
Micro Max 282 vs. Exclusive EA-10
Hi, Question: how do you open this end in order to rewire this pipe? Thanks salvo    
Micro Seiki vacuum gaskets
Hi,you can start by pulling gently but firmly the gasket. It will not break! As you do that, study the groove and the way the gasket i fitted into the platter. Then you can insert them into the new platter by helping yourself with a round edge smo... 
Micro Seiki SX8000 Mk1
Hi T-bone, very precise! Thanks ever so much. Best regards,salvo 
Micro Seiki SX8000 Mk1
Hi, Thanks for the info. Would you also know the thicknes of the foot?Thanks,salvo